Fuel from the Wind

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wind power and wind energyWind Power & Wind Energy

Are you interested in generating wind power & wind electricity or are you concerned with fossil fuel usage and how wind energy can make for a cleaner environment. 

Although harnessing wind power is generally used for producing wind electricity, there are other reasons for converting wind power into useable wind energy. 

A sail from a sailboat would be and example of harnessing wind power for use as a replacement for burning fossil fuels. A windmill uses wind energy to grind up grains. Some windmills are used to pump water to feed livestock!

We will explore wind turbines, and how they convert wind energy  into useable wind electricity. We may even visit a few wind farms and give you some interesting statistics on their production of wind electricity. Visit our fossil fuel page to learn interesting facts about pollution they produce! 

We will also look at the history of wind power production from old windmills and sailboats to the new generation of wind turbines. We will also look at the different regions that make wind power generation a major player in wind electricity production.